My college journey has been a mix of up’s and down’s as I balanced social life, responsibility, and money management. I am a sophomore at Drake University pursuing a major in public relations and minors in marketing and psychology. When I’m not in school, I work at Serenity Couture Salonat Valley West Mall as a part-time desk coordinator.

Originally, I am from the Des Moines area and grew up in the suburb of Waukee, IA, located about 20 minutes away from campus. This makes it very convenient for me to go home and visit family and sometimes even do laundry. Occasionally, I will bring home a few of my friends, and my mom will make us all dinner.

I originally came into Drake University with a business degree, but realized I wanted something more flexible that highlighted my strengths in writing. Briefly, I studied Law, Politics, and Society and considered the pre-law track before I realized I could later attend law school with any major. I briefly considered adding a political science minor as politics has always been something I’m passionate about. After taking several politics classes at Drake University though, I realized my passion for politics was fulfilled better through being an active citizen. Finally, I realized I enjoy writing essays and for fun, and I hope to write a novel someday.

Through growing up I discovered I have also always had a passion for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle hacks. My life tends to be disorganized and messy at times, but I can always fall back on that. I’ve been an avid fan of makeup ever since I was in middle school and discovered the beauty community on YouTube. Also, I vehemently enjoy shopping and coffee dates. I love hanging out in cafes or going on hikes in Ledges State Parknear Ames.

I love being outdoors, especially in a hammock curled up with a good book. I love reading poetry, especially Atticus or Bukowski. I’ve also been reading novels by Ruth Ware and more recently the Glass Castle. I’m always looking for new book suggestions.

I’m planning on staying in Des Moines this summer and hope to find a communications internship. I am passionate about working in non-profits or for an organization I care about such as Drake University.