My Story

My College Journey

I remember always succeeding in my high school career. The path was laid out for me, and I never had trouble with the coursework. When senior year rolled around, I realized I was behind for the first time. My peers had begun their college searches up to six months or a year before me, and I realized I had no idea where to begin. I’ve always been an extremely confident person, but I was overwhelmed with all the expectations and procedures. I had reached the point in my high school career where I was feeling lazy and unmotivated, and refusing to make the extra effort I looked at only three colleges. While I had good grades and a solid SAT score, I only toured Drake University and applied to three colleges overall. After receiving acceptance letters for each school, I decided that I would go to Drake University, considering it had the best reputation out of all the schools I had applied to. While originally a compromise, attending Drake University turned out to be the best decision I could have made.

Without a lot of knowledge of the professional world, I entered Drake University as a business major, considering it to be a flexible major that would give me freedom post graduation. After taking accounting and not doing great in the class (partially cause I’m just bad at accounting and partially cause I was a first semester freshman who didn’t care yet), I realized that perhaps business wasn’t my path and decided to switch to Law, Politics, and Society and pursue my childhood dream of being a lawyer. While I was much better suited for these types of classes, I realized that I wasn’t as passionate about the coursework as I wanted to be and I could choose any track and still apply to law school one day.

This year I entered in as my current major, public relations. I have a strong background in journalism from my high school career and loved every moment of it. I was aware of Drake’s awesome school of journalism and decided to try it out. I was also considering a political science minor or a strategic political communication major due to the amount of classes I had already taken regarding politics. Although I truly enjoy politics, I realized my passion is being an everyday active citizen and not studying the history of policy.

After discussing many options with my advisor, I decided to supplement my major with a marketing minor and a psychology minor, because at Drake you can’t have just one major and one minor (you can but it’s abnormal). I love my career track, professors, and classes now. I’m excited to pursue internship opportunities and keep working towards my professional life.

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